Micro-Hydro Rural Electrification

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Micro-hydro systems harness the power of streams or small rivers with significant vertical drop to generate electricity, enabling communities to enjoy lights and other basic amenities, such as food refrigeration, and providing the possibility of establishing certain cottage industries. Sarawak’s terrain and climate is well-suited for such small-scale village-wide systems which reduce reliance on relatively expensive, polluting diesel generators and kerosene lamps.

We raise funds to provide materials and equipment, mainly high-pressure pipes, a turbine-generator and cables. Rural communities partner us by contributing labour for installation of the systems (with our technical oversight) as well as any materials available on site.

A village committee is set-up to work with us during the project. Upon completion, the systems are handed over to the communities with terms and conditions attached to ensure safety and appropriate usage and maintenance.

We have to date completed nine micro-hydro projects under our ‘Gift of Light’ initiative, providing light to 213 homes and a 25 door longhouse in Long Kerabangan, Long Tanid, Nanga Talong Engkari, Pa’Brunut, Puneng Trusan, Long Lidung, Long Beluyu, Long Resina and Long Remirang. We further upgraded the Puneng Trusan system with support from CIMB Foundation.

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