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We are supporting the work of Persatuan Perkembangan Pendidikan Orang Pribumi (PPP Orang Pribumi), another Sarawak-based organization which works with Penan communities to provide pre-school education. PPP Orang Pribumi currently operates pre-schools in 5 rural communities educating around 100 young children.

We are focusing on one pre-school in particular, Tadika Pawah with around 35 students in Long Lamam. Under our ongoing ‘Gift of Hope’ initiative, we are assisting in the build of a new pre-school building and have initiated a child sponsorship scheme to cover the operational expenses of a child (meals, uniforms, books and stationery) in the pre-school. The intention of the collaboration is to allow PPP Orang Pribumi to be able to focus more fully on the already formidable task of educating children in a remote community.

The pre-school is the first education facility in the village where illiteracy rates remain high. A pre-school at its doorstep allows the community to understand what education is and to build a basic level of reading, writing and mathematical skills amongst the youngest generation. This in turn will hopefully reduce the current level of drop-out rates when the children enter government primary boarding schools a distance away from the village.

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